Sunil Vethody – A well-known provost with numerous offices and entities under his umbrella

Within the university, a provost serves as the head of the faculty. He is responsible for reporting directly to the Vice Provost. Being the chief academic officer of the University, a provost is responsible for the University’s academic and the budgetary affairs. When it comes to setting the overall academic priorities for the University, a provost is responsible for allocating with the President and allocates the funds.
With numerous offices and entities under his umbrella, Sunil Vethody is a renowned provost in a renowned university in California, who possesses great leadership skills in defining the vision and the aim of the university. He acts as a pioneer in leading the good faith efforts of the university in order to meet the established affirmative action goals for the university academic positions. He explores various ways for the university to work synergistically in order to provide the complementary academic programs and processes. Sunil Vethody works closely with the academ…

Sunil Vethody is serving as Vice President in Operations at All American Staffing, Inc

Business involves a group activity that is made effective through management. Thus, it is vital to create teamwork and team spirit in an organization by developing a sound organizational structure.

Holding a great experience of twenty years in Business development including management, enterprise, software engineering and QA Management, Sunil Vethody has developed and managed three successful organizations with average annual revenue of 5-10 million dollars.

Regarding his professional experience, Sunil Vethody has been serving as Vice President in Operations at All American Staffing, Inc since March 2002. Since June 2004, he has also been working as Vice President in Operations at Institute of Medical Education, Inc. San Jose, CA.

With a start up experience in Business Management, Sunil Vethody is responsible for developing the business plans as well as models. Moreover, he has supervised the day–to–day operations of the organizations from inception. Sunil is quite familiar with all …

Sunil Vethody’s Start-Up Experience in Business Management

Good business development is pretty much essential for any business to keep it going and to identify, maintain as well as encourage relationship building within a firm. It is also helpful in building understanding with both suppliers and customers. Moreover, it helps small companies access bigger markets and the large companies to engage newcomers. Therefore, by definition, true and pure business development is helping a business to develop its relationships.

Sunil Vethody is having more than 20 years of extensive experienced in business development - management, enterprise, software engineering and QA management. During his professional experience, he has managed over three organizations with average annual revenue of 5-10 million dollars.

Sunil Vethody‘s Business Management – Start-Up Experience -

He is responsible for the development of business plans, models and for the development of initial business development of three varied organizations from the beginning. In addition to this,…

Sunil Vethody’s Software and Technical Management Experience with Many Firms

Sunil Vethody is a highly-experienced and accomplished business development professional with more than 20 years of considerable experience. In addition to this, he has wide experience in software and technical management.
Pertaining to Sunil Vethody’s software and technical management experience, he is well-versed in “Quality Assurance” of software development, and has managed QA teams of different software products. He acquired this experience by working with many renowned firms at different positions-
He worked as a QA Engineer with many companies including-
ØFrom December 1990 to September 1994, he worked with Lotus Consulting Group, Los Altos, CA. ØFrom September 1994 to February 1995, he worked with Personic Software, San Bruno, CA. ØFrom February 1995 to January 1996, he worked with Informix Corporation, Menlo Park, CA. ØFrom February 1996 to July 1996, he worked with Northern Telecom, Santa Clara, CA. ØFrom July 1996 to November 1996, he worked with National Semiconductor, …